Joey Ponce


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Hi. I'm Joey.

I’m a 29 year old designer from El Paso, Texas. I currently live in Indianapolis, Indiana and am a freelance designer and illustrator for clients, both locally and nationally.

Prior to my move to Indiana, I worked as Assistant Director of Art/Interactive
at Mithoff Burton Partners. There, I handled web design projects, social media implementation and management and print materials for the marketing and promotional campaigns of several local, regional and national clients.

I graduated in May 2010 from the University of Texas at El Paso with
a BFA in Graphic Design and a minor in printmaking.

As a designer, I have a strong passion for the clients I work with. A large amount
of my personal time and energy goes into helping new businesses brand themselves according to what they hope to contribute to their community and how they hope
to present themselves to the public. In those respects, nothing satisfies me more than seeing a new business transform itself into an amazing, strong and reliable brand with plenty to give back to the people it serves.

As much as design is a passion, so is the art I make personally. I strive to continuously work on illustration projects, screenprint every chance I get, learn new art practices, experiment with new mediums and find ways to incorporate what I learn into future projects.